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3 Things a Sausage Vendor Should Offer Beyond Sausage

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Nov 1, 2017 9:03:00 AM



Is your sausage vendor doing enough? Maybe they have a huge selection of premium sausage products or even a roster of sauces and dessert options…but is that all you really need?

Meat buyers are understandably particular. The quality of their products is only as good as the quality of their vendors which is why Papa Cantella’s has spent so many years becoming exactly the kind of vendor we’d want to work with. Here are three things we think your sausage vendor should offer you besides amazing sausage…


Stellar Customer Service

And we mean stellar. There’s a difference between having someone to answer the phones and someone who really takes time to get to know your business. At Papa Cantella’s, our pride and joy is our sausage. Coming in a close second is our commitment to truly outstanding customer service. We don’t like to think of ourselves as vendors but rather as partners to our cusomters. We want to know what roadblocks they’ve experienced with meat vendors in the past – late shipments, quality control issues, lack of communication – so we can actively work to provide them with a better experience going forward.


Options for Customization

No two meat counters (or butcher shops or grocery stores) are exactly the same. At Papa Cantella’s, it’s important to us to provide as much variety to our customers as possible; there’s real value for them in streamlining suppliers and relying on fewer and fewer partners. We’re constantly working to add to our lineup of delicious products. Between our sides, our sauces, and our sausages, our name is becoming synonymous with quality homemade meals. Of course, we spend a lot of time working on our sausages. From premium cuts of chicken, beef, and pork to hand-selected spice combinations, our goal is to meet any sausage-related need a meat purveyor’s customer might have. There are more of them than you think!


Superior Food Safety

Food safety is an incredibly serious discipline, especially when it comes to meat. Consumers are highly aware of the dangers that come from eating subpar meat products; as a sausage vendor, Papa Cantella’s feels that our responsibility to food safety is of utmost importance. Our two state-of-the-art production facilities exceed all existing USDA specifications. We utilize third-party testing along with dozens of in-house controls to ensure every product that leaves our facility is clean, fresh, and safe from contaminants. We don’t see food safety regulations as a burden…we see them as a starting point.


Is your sausage vendor doing enough to keep you satisfied?
If you’ve found a vendor that exceeds your expectations, that’s great! If you’re still looking, we invite you to reach out to Papa Cantella’s. Nothing makes us happier than making our customers happier, and we’re doing it just one sausage at a time. (And if you need more than one sausage, well, we can help with that too!)


Contact our team and tell us about your needs today at 323-584-7272.


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