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3 Ways to Serve Sausage at Thanksgiving

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Nov 22, 2017 9:18:00 AM (5).jpg


Turkey is the undeniable star of Thanksgiving.

...but should it be? Here at Papa Cantella’s, sausage is always the star of our Thanksgiving table, and not just because we eat, sleep, and breathe premium sausage meats. No, we’ve always felt like our sausages are one of the easiest, most flavorful additions to the table!

Looking to incorporate more of the good stuff into your Thanksgiving meal this year? Here are three ways to serve sausage on turkey day.

  1. In the Stuffing

    Sausage stuffing is the best kind of stuffing. Our premium sausage lends an unctuous, hearty flavor to almost any style stuffing whether it’s made inside the bird or in its own dish. There’s really no wrong way to go about incorporating sausage in your favorite stuffing recipe – just play off the flavors already present in the sausage blend like onion, garlic, and herbs. To get you started, take a look at a few of our favorite sausage stuffing recipes: Apple Pecan & Pork Sausage Stuffing; Chorizo Sausage Stuffing; and Artichoke Parmesan Italian Sausage Stuffing.

  2. Stuffed Peppers

    It’s no secret we Italians love to eat, so it’s probably not surprising to learn we’ve put our own spin on the classic American Thanksgiving. One of the easiest way to incorporate a little more Italy into your own Thanksgiving table is by serving Stuffed Peppers; They’re filling, they’re hearty, and they’re easy to prep ahead of time. We also love how simple it is to make a big batch for a crowd! Want to really tie everything together? Fill your peppers with some of our Classic Italian Sausage Stuffing the day after for a new spin on leftovers.

  3. Cajun Macaroni & Cheese

    No Thanksgiving table is complete without a giant dish of macaroni and cheese. It’s a family favorite at our house! Why serve plain jane mac and cheese, though, when you can go all out for the big day? Our favorite take on this comfort side is a spicy one. The method is simple: Make your favorite macaroni and cheese recipe as directed but before baking, add in at least half a pound of Papa C’s Smoked Chicken or Pork Andouille. Not only does is the sausage a welcome counterpoint to the creaminess of the cheese, it also imparts a subtle pop of spice.


The way we see it, there’s always room for sausage! Any holiday table – Thanksgiving or otherwise – can benefit from the bold, delicious flavors of Papa Cantella’s sausage.

We always love to hear what others are serving for the tastiest day of the year…be sure to post your favorite Thanksgiving recipes over on the Papa Cantella’s Facebook page. Bonus points if they incorporate sausage!


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