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4 Drinks to Pair with Grilled Sausage

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Sep 28, 2017 9:01:00 AM


Grilled sausage is the ultimate party food. It’s also perfect for a family barbecue, or as a happy hour appetizer…is there any occasion grilled sausage isn’t good for, now that we think about it?

(Answer: Nope!)

When we grill sausage, we always like to think about what we’re pairing it with. Of course, sides are crucial, but at Papa Cantella’s, the drinks are just as important! We’ve spent years figuring out the best sausage-drink combos; here are four of our favorites.

  1. Beer

    Well, obviously. Sausage was made for drinking beer. Not only is beer the ideal refresher when you’re standing over a hot grill, it’s easy, it’s portable, and it perfectly complements sausage. Beer’s crisp acidity is a beautiful counterpoint to almost any kind of sausage, from Bratwurst to andouille. Our favorite beers of the moment are on the hoppy side with a slight bitter finish that goes wonderfully with savory sausage.

  2. Riesling

    Isn’t Riesling a dessert wine? Well, the traditional German wine is a little sweet, yes, but it’s actually perfect for sausage! The sweetness of a chilled glass of Riesling is an unexpected counterpoint for spicy sausages in particular, which makes it a nice complement for our Hot Italian Sausage links. The best part is that Riesling will carry your meal through the entrée course all the way to dessert.

  3. Bloody Mary

    Have you ever had a tricked-out Bloody Mary with a strip of bacon as the stirrer? That same concept is why Premium Breakfast Sausage goes so well with the classic cocktail. Everyone has their own favorite Bloody Mary recipe – ours uses lots of celery salt and a couple dashes of hot sauce – but you can’t go wrong serving a tall glass of the red stuff next to a plate of perfectly grilled (or baked) breakfast sausage links.

  4. Lemonade Fizz

    It’s always in good taste to have a non-alcoholic drink on the menu, too. Non-drinkers shouldn’t have to settle for a boring glass of water! Lemonade mixed with sparkling water is simple and easy, but it balances the unctuous taste of sausage quite well, not unlike beer. We usually keep the ratio high on sparkling water, low on lemonade, so the mix doesn’t become too sweet. Be sure to serve over lots of ice for the ultimate refresher.

There’s really no wrong drink to serve with sausage. Of course, a glass of full-bodied red wine is always an excellent pairing for any savory meat, and dark spirits like bourbon also hold up well to the strong flavors of sausage.

What did we miss? Tell us about your favorite sausage-grilling drink over on the Papa Cantella’s Facebook page! We’re always open to new ideas, especially when it comes to happy hour!


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