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4 Holiday Recipes Made Better with Sausage

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Dec 28, 2017 9:03:00 AM



The holidays are a time for celebration. How does the Papa Cantella’s family celebrate? By adding sausage to everything, obviously!

Some holiday recipes are just begging for sausage. Here are four of our favorite dishes that are taken to a whole new level with the addition of fresh, premium sausage.

  1. Stuffing

    Who says stuffing is just for Thanksgiving? Stuffing is a mainstay on our holiday table, particularly on Christmas Day. We do a different version every year, but it always includes delicious crumbled Papa Cantella’s sausage. Our favorite recipes include Classic Italian Sausage Stuffing, perfect with roast chicken or tomato-braised beef, and Apple & Pecan Pork Sausage Stuffing, ideal for serving alongside turkey or roast pork loin. The best thing about stuffing? It serves a crowd, and around the holidays, that’s even more important!

  2. Tomato Soup

    When the mercury drops, is there anything as satisfying as tomato soup? We’ve never been big on the canned stuff, but we do love a delicious bowl of tomato soup. Our recipe for Fresh Tomato and Sausage Soup is so good, you won’t even miss the concentrate! It’s creamier, heartier, and more satisfying than the traditional version, and it always warms us up. We eat it with grilled cheese, of course, or by itself.

  3. Sunday “Sauce”

    We’re Italian through and through. For us, that means the holiday season is one get-together after another. If there aren’t 20 people there, it’s not much of a gathering! This season is the best time of year to break out slow-simmered sauces, and we’re all partial to the classic tomato version (loaded with savory sausage, of course.) It’s versatile enough to serve over pasta, eat with crispy bread, or even to use in a hearty lasagna, our Christmas Eve favorite. In our family, there’s only one sauce recipe to know, and it’s Caryn’s Special Sunday Sauce. You’re welcome in advance.

  4. Breakfast Casserole

    Breakfast casseroles are a mainstay on holiday mornings for a reason. They’re make-ahead, they get better as they sit, and they’re super cost-effective. The classic Sausage & Egg Casserole is our go-to, and it even sneaks in a few vegetables which are hard to come by this time of year! Our favorite thing about it is that it works just as well for lunch as it does for breakfast, and you never know how late our family is going to sleep. Pro Tip: Make one for now and put one in the freezer for later!

Got sausage? We do!
Sausage makes everything special. It’s savory, it’s versatile, and it’s super easy to cook. It’s as welcome at breakfast as it is at dinner…how many other ingredients can say that?


This holiday season, look for Papa Cantella’s in your grocer’s meat section and if you don’t see it, ask!

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