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4 Ways to Cook with Bulk Brick Sausage

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Sep 13, 2017 9:07:00 AM


Great sausage comes in all shapes and sizes. Here at Papa Cantella’s we sell our premium sausages in link form, both fresh and fully cooked, and also in “bulk brick” packages that are great for larger servings. Our bulk brick sausage is incredibly versatile; in our own homes, it’s a staple in everything from casseroles to sides!

Wondering what more you could be doing with your bulk brick premium sausage? Here are four tasty suggestions from your friends at Papa Cantella’s.

  1. Breakfast Casserole
    Hearty breakfast egg casseroles are a mainstay in the Papa Cantella’s kitchen. The savory combination of eggs, cheese, and our sage-seasoned pork sausage is too tempting to resist. Breakfast casseroles are particularly easy because you can incorporate anything you have on hand, from potatoes to stale bread to kale. Best of all? They reheat beautifully for a quick, satisfying breakfast all week long! Try our classic Sausage & Egg Casserole or our stretch the definition of “casserole” with our Sausage Tortilla Pie.

  2. Make Your Own Patties
    Speaking of breakfast…when’s the last time you made your own sausage patties? With bulk brick sausage you can form your breakfast patties in whatever shape you like, incorporating additional spice or flavorings if you wish. (We’ve been known to throw in a little grated onion and a hearty dash of red pepper flakes for heat!) It’s usually best to use a classic breakfast sausage like our custom-blended Pork sausage but feel free to play around! Everyone’s breakfast tastes are different.

  3. Create a “House Stuffing”
    You need a signature stuffing recipe. Have you found yours yet? The best stuffings are savory and well-rounded, but there’s really no template. We’ve tested dozens of sausage stuffing recipes over the years with our bulk brick sausage; a couple of our favorites are Apple & Pecan Pork Sausage Stuffing and Classic Italian Sausage Stuffing. Both are a simple, make-ahead way to feed a crowd and make an excellent side dish for anything from chicken to veal!

  4. Bite-Sized Treats
    Bulk brick sausage is perfect for appetizers. By crumbling bulk sausage as it cooks, you’re creating lots of surface area which takes on a deliciously-brown color and intense flavor. That flavor punch is ideal for small bites like Mushroom Sausage Toasts or our Sausage Three Cheese Crostini. And if you end up with leftover crumbles? Save them to spice up tomorrow’s rice dish or the next day’s scrambled eggs!


Bulk brick sausage is a customer favorite. It’s cost-effective, versatile, and packed with flavor. Here at Papa Cantella’s, you can rest assured our premium sausage never contains fillers and that each and every flavor has been custom-blended to perfection. If we know one thing, it’s sausage!

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