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5 Questions to Ask Your Sausage Supplier

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Dec 11, 2017 9:02:00 AM



How well do you know your sausage supplier?

Here at Papa Cantella’s, we strive to be the kind of supplier we’d want to work with. We take a lot of pride in our transparency with our customers, and they tell us it’s one of the things they appreciate most about working with us. Well, that and our unbelievably fresh premium sausages.

What should you be asking your sausage supplier? Here are five questions to start with.

1. What quality control processes do you utilize in-house?

Does your sausage vendor take food safety as seriously as you do? In addition to USDA-oversight and various quality control certifications, we think it’s important to consider quality as part of the process. Here at Papa Cantella’s, we always keep raw and cooked meat segregated, employ video-monitoring and controlled entry, and have strict oversight by a third-party authority to monitor all contamination threats .

2. Where do you make your sausage?

Isn’t it nice to know where your sausage will be made? At Papa C’s, the answer is in one of our two state-of-the-art facilities in California. Where your sausage is made (and how it will be shipped to you) says a lot about the quality and the safety preparedness of your sausage vendor.

3. How will we get in touch with you?

Sausage is increasingly a specialty product. Recipe and ingredient quality matter, and we’re finding more and more customers who like to be involved in the process. Customer service isn’t just a nice-to-have at Papa Cantella’s, it’s our priority. We don’t like to think of ourselves as sausage suppliers but rather as sausage partners to restaurants, grocery stores, and butcher shops who’re interested in carrying the best of the best.

4. Can I customize a sausage blend?

Great question! At Papa Cantella’s, the answer is yes. We’ve worked with dozens of customers to come up with truly unique sausage blends, from a Biergarten-worthy Brat mixture to a super-spicy andouille ideal for Bayou-bred taste buds. There’s no request too outlandish for us; we already spend countless hours creating brand new specialty sausages for our own line. What can we create for you?

5. What is your packaging like?

Packaging is an essential component of a successful sales strategy, and smart sausage buyers have a savvy eye. Get the low-down on your suppliers’ packaging, from the color choices to the logo, to find out whether it’s a good fit for your display. At Papa Cantella’s, our packaging was custom-designed to appeal to quality-conscious buyer, and it’s consistent across all our sausages and pre-made foods.

Is Papa Cantella’s your next sausage supplier? We’d like to be! Our team of customer service representatives is excited to answer any questions you may have; we can’t wait to figure out how our sausages can improve your business. Contact us today at 323-584-7272

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