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A Field Guide to 3 Different Kinds of Sausage Meat

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Feb 20, 2018 9:02:00 AM



Sausages come in all shapes, sizes…and meats! Papa Cantella’s only uses premium-quality meats for our fresh and fully cooked sausages, complemented by our carefully-chosen combinations of herbs and spices.

What are the most common meats used in sausage making? Let’s take a look at three we use often here at Papa Cantella’s.



Pork is perhaps the best-known sausage ingredient. The traditional choice for filling sausages in Europe and the U.S., pork lends itself beautifully to sausage with its deep, unctuous flavor. Almost any cut of pork can ultimately be made into sausage, but a couple of the most common sausage cuts include pork butt and pork shoulder.

The ideal fat content for pork sausage is usually somewhere between 15-20%. Any more, and the sausage could be come oily; any less, and it could be dry and tough. Pork is very receptive to being heavily flavored, which is part of the reason it’s so popular for sausage making. Pork goes beautifully with spicy flavors, complex flavors (like coriander or garlic), or sweet flavors (like apple or leeks.)



Beef sausage is particularly savory. Beef has a distinctive flavor all its own, and it can be overpowering when used as the sole meat in a sausage, although not always. A lot of people prefer to combine beef with other kinds of meat such as pork or veal to create a unique flavor when making sausage.

The best cuts of beef for sausage are some of the least “prestigious!” Like pork, beef should contain around 15% fat content before it’s made into sausage. Beef sausage is often found in breakfast dishes, combined with sage, brown sugar, and even marjoram. Non-breakfast beef sausage might contain paprika, garlic, or any variety of herbs.



As people look to cut back their intake of red meat, they’re increasingly looking to chicken and turkey sausage as nutritious alternatives. Poultry sausage is very versatile, used in breakfast dishes, on the grill, and as a standalone entrée within a variety of different cuisines.

Like other sausages, chicken and turkey sausages should still contain a good amount of fat to ensure it stays moist during the cooking process. For this reason, they often contains both dark meat and white meat. Poultry is a perfect template for strong seasonings; it also pairs beautifully with fruit, vegetables, and other “add-ins.”

Sausage is what you make of it! Papa Cantella’s sausages are known for containing premium quality meats and seasonings. We use the freshest ingredients possible to ensure all our sausages are perfect for whatever recipe you have in mind.


Looking for delicious fresh sausage in your neck of the woods? Look for Papa Cantella’s in your grocer’s meat section!

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