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Candidate for Customization: Bratwurst

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Feb 15, 2018 9:40:00 AM



Bratwurst is, perhaps, the quintessence of sausage.

The centuries-old German sausage is a mainstay here in the states, particularly for grilling. Bratwurst’s defining characteristics are its link shape, its thickness, and its composition of either pork, beef, veal, or some combination of the three.

That said, there are over 40 different kinds of sausages officially recognized as “bratwurst,” and that’s just in Germany.

Bratwurst is the absolute perfect vehicle for customization. It’s flexible enough to make it your own, and distinctive enough to be a standout on any menu. So, how can you customize bratwurst?

Papa Cantella’s Show-Stopping Bratwurst

Papa Cantella’s has been perfecting our bratwurst sausage recipe for over three decades. Our traditional bratwurst is prepared using only fresh-cut pork, blended with a flavorful array of herbs and spices. We can’t tell all our bratwurst secrets, but ground mustard and coriander are a couple of the flavors that make our bratwurst so unique!


Customizing Bratwurst for Your Restaurant

Bratwurst is one of our very favorite sausages to customize. It’s expected to be heavily flavored, so it’s difficult to add too many flavor profiles to a bratwurst link. Because custom bratwurst is usually requested in the thick link shape everyone’s already familiar with, there’s plenty of room inside each link to really get creative with flavorings.

One of the most enticing ways we’re seeing restaurants customize bratwurst lately is by incorporating beer. Bratwurst is incredibly savory, so it already pairs naturally with any kind of ale. Papa Cantella’s even produces a Beer Bratwurst commercially, infused with Double Barrel Ale from our friends at Firestone Walker Brewing Co. It flies off the shelves, particularly in the summertime. Infusing brats with beer or other libations is a great way to harmonize a restaurant’s food options with its drink menu, or even for food trucks to pair up with brewers.

There are dozens of ways to customize bratwursts’ flavor profile using spices and seasonings alone. Restaurants have requested it sweetened, for example, by including brown sugar, or spicier through the use of additional pepper. We’ve also fielded requests from restaurants looking to use something other than pork for their brats, such as premium Kosher beef instead. Since German tradition often dictates the use of more than one meat, we’ve also been asked to make brats blended from several premium cuts of meat.

Some of the most creative – if not traditional! – bratwurst customizations we’ve seen choose to include small bits of deliciousness like sautéed onions, chopped garlic (as opposed to garlic powder), or even fruit like apples. The end-use for brats typically determines the best way to customize.


Bratwurst is endlessly customizable! You can’t go wrong when you start with high-quality, premium ingredients, which Papa Cantella’s always does.


For more information on what our fresh custom sausages can add to your restaurant, reach out to us today at 323-584-7272.


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