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Favorite Sausage Flavor Pairings Every Chef Should Know

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Mar 12, 2018 9:00:00 AM



Sausage is a rock star, yes, but it’s even better with great backup. Sausage itself is inherently built on a complex range of flavors…but which pairings are most complementary? Whether you’re a home chef or a Top Chef, here are the sausage flavor pairings you should always have in your repertoire.


Sausage + Tart Fruit

Sausage is savory. So savory, in fact, that you’ll commonly find it paired with tart or pickled ingredients meant to “cut” the richness of the meat. At Papa Cantella’s, our favorite version of this classic pairing is sausage and tart fruit. You can, of course, pair almost any fruit with sausage. Peaches, for example, grilled alongside sausage links make an excellent side dish. But when we’re looking for fruit with bite to it? We turn to something with tartness like apples, pears, or even cranberries. Our favorite way to combine tart fruit with sausage is to cook down the fruit so it gives off its natural juices, then nestle the sausage on top to serve. Of course, we also like to stuff the fruit right inside which is how we came up with our always-popular Chicken Apple Sausage!


Onions, Peppers, Garlic

If there’s such a thing as a “holy trinity” of complementary flavors for sausages, it’s onions, pepper, and garlic. Lots of sausages – particularly Italian Sausage – actually have these flavors blended right into them as they’re made! For pairing, though, it doesn’t get more classic than this…and as we say at Papa Cantella’s, classics are classics for a reason. We love to sauté the three together and use them to top Italian Sausage heroes. Others, though, use onions, pepper, and garlic alongside sausage in casseroles, in quiches, or even in gumbo. When you think of those three flavors as foundations, you really can’t go wrong.


Beer (Hops)

Beer was made to be a complement, right? It’s great with popcorn, of course, and cheese. But for us, there’s nothing more satisfying than the combination of a perfectly grilled Bratwurst and a cold, crisp beer. There’s something about the nutty depth of hops that so naturally pairs with the herbaceous, peppery elements of sausage; the Germans know what they’re doing! We like beer and sausage together so much that we actually put beer into one of our sausages! Look for Papa Cantella’s Beer Bratwurst, infused with Firestone Walker Brewing Company’s Double Barrel Ale, wherever you buy your Totally Awesome sausage products.

At Papa Cantella’s we’ve been trying our premium sausage flavors with different pairings for decades. We know what works, like fennel, cumin, and tomato sauce, and what doesn’t, like durian. (Don’t ask.) We think half the fun of eating sausage is figuring out your perfect flavor combination, and with so many delicious products in the Papa Cantella’s roster, we’ve given you lots of options!



We invite you to look for Papa Cantella’s premium sausage at your neighborhood grocer or wherever you buy your meat. If you don’t see it…ask!



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