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Papa Cantella's Favorite Weeknight Sausage Recipes

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Jan 1, 2018 9:01:00 AM



Seems just about every week we find ourselves combing the pantry or freezer for something to eat…it’s dinnertime and our families are hungry. No one has hours to stand over the stove on a weeknight. What’s our go-to?

It’s sausage, of course, but not just any sausage. Check out a few of Papa Cantella’s favorite weeknight sausage recipes for inspiration during your hectic week.


Sausage-Stuffed Eggplant

We love this recipe because we’re always looking for ways to sneak in a few extra vegetables. Eggplants are great because they’re inexpensive and long-lasting; we usually buy a few at the beginning of the week to have around. Our favorite stuffed eggplant recipe is Italian through and through, and brings out the best in our Papa Cantella’s fresh Italian sausage. And if you can’t find fresh tomatoes, don’t panic! Strained, diced, canned tomatoes will work when the real thing just isn’t in season.
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Southwestern Sausage Wraps

Wraps are a great choice for weeknights because they’re an easy way to use up whatever needs to be eaten. Have extra lettuce? Throw it in! Leftover grated cheese from another recipe? Add it! The options are endless. Our favorite way to eat them, though, is our Southwestern Sausage Wraps…they’re savory and filling. Bringing together all the best flavors of the southwest (tomatoes, lime, Monterrey Jack cheese) within the buttery folds of a perfect tortilla can never be a bad thing! The secret is that you can use whichever Papa C’s sausage you have on hand, although we’re partial to the Hot Italian Turkey for this particular recipe.
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Hoppin’ John and Hot Sausage

Hoppin’ John is actually a southern tradition born from the Lowcountry. It always has rice and some kind of pea, although cow peas or black-eyed peas are traditional. Our recipe uses black-eyed peas and bacon to really bring out the flavor of the Papa Cantella’s Hot Italian sausage links, and we’ve been known to kick it up a few notches with a dash (or twenty!) of hot sauce. For a hearty, inexpensive, and crowd-pleasing weeknight dinner, it just doesn’t get any better than this.
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The trick to simple weeknight meals? Having some staples in the fridge by Sunday night. Things like canned tomatoes, breadcrumbs, rice, and a few fresh veggies are always good to pick up when you’re at the store. We like to keep a couple packs of Papa Cantella’s sausage on hand at all times because you never know when you’ll need to whip up a quick meal or even feed a guest!

Who are we kidding?
We just can’t get enough of the stuff.


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