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4 Sausage Grilling Hacks

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Aug 3, 2017 9:26:00 AM

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If you ask us, grilled sausage is the Official Meat of Summer. Grilling sausage links – both precooked and fresh – is about as easy as grilling gets. Whether you’re using charcoal, gas, or electric, your sausage is bound to turn out just right.

Looking to perfect your sausage grilling game? Papa Cantella’s has been making delicious, premium sausages for over 35 years, so we know a thing or two about how to grill them well. Here are our four best sausage grilling hacks.

  1. Butterfly Your Links
    If we asked 100 people what their favorite thing about grilled sausages is, 95 of them would say the crispy, grill-kissed casing. When a dish calls for more of this caramelized texture, we butterfly links of precooked sausage to get a higher ratio of grates-to-surface-area, and half the cooking time! This technique won’t work with raw sausage – all the juices will be lost – but it’s our go-to method before chopping cooked sausage into a dish like Hoppin’ John.

  2. Ditch Flare Ups
    Think flare-ups come with the territory during sausage grilling? Not so! Flames flare up when the flavorful juices of the sausage drips through the grates; this is easily preventable by keeping the grill temperature low and slow. Don’t worry, you won’t lose those coveted grill marks, they’ll just take a little longer to develop. A slow cook is the best way to keep your sausage juicy while ensuring it’s cooked all the way through.

  3. Skewer the Batch
    Sausage links can be a little slippery! We’ve definitely lost a link or two between largely-spaced grill grates. The solution? When grilling precooked sausage, we skewer all the sausages together with three wooden skewers; stack the links like they were arranged in the package then stick the skewers in from top to bottom. Bonus: you can skewer in aromatics like scallions or long strips of pepper to add a little extra oomph to your links!

  4. Let it Rest
    After cooking, your sausage is going to be piping hot! Be sure to give it a minute or two to cool off a bit before serving. After all, nothing ruins a cookout like a burned tongue! Don’t let the sausage sit too long though, or it will dry out. A minute or two of cooling time is the sweet spot here.


Grilling is an art. It can take years to get your grilling technique just right, and every grill produces different results! The most important tips we have when it comes to grilling our premium sausage are to be patient, be watchful, and…be hungry!

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