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3 Favorite Sides to Pair with Sweet Italian Sausage

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Aug 8, 2017 10:18:00 AM

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There’s just something special about Sweet Italian Sausage. Here at Papa Cantella’s, we hand-blend all the spices that go into our premium Italian Sausages to make sure we get the absolute perfect combination of savory and sweet that our customers love. We put so much work into creating amazing sausages, shouldn’t we spend a little time thinking about what to pair them with?

Here are three of our favorite side dishes to serve with Sweet Italian Sausages…and the best part is, all these recipes are easily doubled or tripled for a crowd!

  1. Pasta Salad
    Pasta salad is a great go-to because it can be a side or combined with sausage for a hearty main dish! Our favorite pasta salad recipe is our French Quarter Pasta Salad which pairs just beautifully with Sweet Italian Sausage. The recipe has just enough tang to provide contrast to the sweetness of the sausage itself. Sometimes we chop the sausage links right into the pasta salad and sometimes we serve the links grilled on the side. Whatever you do, make plenty of the New Orleans Olive Salad (a key ingredient in our pasta salad recipe!) because you’ll want leftovers to throw into other dishes or eat plain. It’s that good!

  2. Garlicky Spinach
    Sautéed spinach is classically Italian and it really couldn’t be any easier. We like to add several cloves of thinly-sliced garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes to our fresh spinach as it sautés to add a little oomph. Spinach has a bit of a sharp bitterness to it which mellows when cooked down, and most people love the freshness of a green veg when eating savory sausage, anyway. This flavor profile compliments Sweet Sausage especially well. Be sure to use twice as much fresh spinach as you think you’ll need…it really cooks down! Make this side right before serving so it stays warm.

  3. Rice Pilaf
    Rice pilaf is a great side for sweet sausage because it’s inherently versatile. When we’re eating Sweet Italian Sausage we often make our classic rice pilaf recipe then add whatever we have on hand to compliment the spices in the sausage: chopped bell pepper, diced onion, and even mushrooms work beautifully. The trick is to place your pilaf in a shallow dish then nest the sausage links on top while they rest. The savory juices that seep into the rice only make it more delicious!


It’s hard to go wrong when pairing Papa Cantella’s Sweet Italian Sausage with anything. Many vegetables have a natural sweetness when roasted or grilled that we think works especially well. Now we’re hungry!

What’s your favorite recipe using Sweet Italian? We’d love to hear your ideas for the perfect sausage side!

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