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Using Custom Sausage to Market Your Restaurant

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Jan 25, 2018 9:35:00 AM



Custom sausage may just be the boost your restaurant needs. Papa Cantella’s has been working with restauranteurs for decades to supply the best sausages on the market…but we don’t stop there. We actually work with restaurant owners and chefs to create totally custom sausage blends, too.

How can custom sausage help you market your restaurant? Consider the following:


Custom Sausage is Unusual

There are over 1,000,000 restaurants in the United States alone. Standing out is hard, but with so many restaurants simply buying their food supplier’s default sausage, offering custom-made sausage can really give your restaurant an edge. Sausage your customers can’t get anywhere else is something to be proud of – and it’s the perfect marketing tool! Our restaurant customers have had great success advertising their custom sausage menu item on table tents, billboards, and even T-shirts.


Custom Sausage Can be Targeted

No one knows your restaurant’s market better than you. Custom sausage can help you give your customers exactly what they want, driving repeat business and word-of-mouth marketing. Consider, for example, your location within a neighborhood full of authentic ethnic restaurants from all over Asia. Those customers expect bold, spicy flavors, and a custom (extra-hot!) sausage blend can help you bridge the gap between what they’re looking for and what your restaurant offers. Likewise, sausages can be made more healthful, less- or more savory, or even include a specific local ingredient if that’s what your customer base demands.


Custom Sausage Leads to Marketing Partnerships

Some of the most successful restaurants partner up with other local businesses. It’s a great strategy! By tapping into another target market, your restaurant instantly gains exposure. Custom sausage blends are a great way to enter a partnership. Consider, for example, a food truck that parks at a local brewery every Friday and Saturday night. Imagine how much more likely the brewery would be to invite the truck back and point customers their way if Bratwurst infused with the brewery’s own beer was on the menu.

Custom sausage could be the breakthrough your restaurant has been looking for. There are no two ways about it: custom sausage just sells better. Want to get started on a marketing campaign that really sets your spot apart? Reach out to the friendly team at Papa Cantella’s today to get started.

Papa Cantella’s has developed a reputation within the meat industry for producing the freshest premium-quality sausages on the market. We custom-make sausages for a wide variety of clients including restaurants, grocers, meat managers, and more. There’s almost nothing we can’t do when it comes to sausage, from including unusual ingredients to creating novelty sizes. How can we help your restaurant make a name for itself?


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