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Why Supply Chain Matters in Selecting Your Sausage Supplier

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Oct 2, 2017 9:20:00 AM


Supply chain matters. In the meat business, supply chain logistics impact everything from quality to safety. As a meat procurer, you likely know first-hand that your supply chain has a direct effect on the bottom line.

Supply chain is something we take incredibly seriously here at Papa Cantella’s. We’re committed to doing whatever it takes to provide our commercial clients the high-quality sausage they expect.

Why is the Meat Supply Chain So Important?

When the supply chain is broken, customers suffer. In the meat business, this issue can present as quality issues, distribution disruption, and even food safety concerns. Many food supply chains are highly complex, consisting of Tier I, II, and even III suppliers. It’s understandable that meat buyers have a vested interest in efficient management and reliability of these chains.

As a procurer, broken supply chains can impact product quality and throw off buying schedules. They can result in dissatisfied customers or, worse, contaminated meat. From purchasing to management to quality control, every aspect of a grocer’s supply chain is integral to its success.

How can a better supply chain benefit your meat operation?

  • Provide greater transparency regarding meat quality and production
  • Alleviate health and safety risks to the end-user
  • Relieve resource strain within management and oversight systems
  • Reduce inefficiencies, improving long-term ROI

The Sausage Purveyor Supply Chain

In the sausage business, there are dozens of different ways to set up a supply chain. For most meat buyers, the best-working supply chains are the simplest. Papa Cantella’s is often called upon as a much-needed solution to overly complex sausage supply chains.

Most purchasers require vendors to go through an arduous approval process. Through rigorous adherence to food safety standards and regulations, Papa Cantella’s goes above and beyond to ensure our meat exceeds the expectations of clients, themselves often stretched-thin by compliance rules. By following strict in-house protocol regarding refrigeration, cross-contamination, employee training, and more, Papa Cantella’s effectively removes some of the burden these necessary quality guidelines place on meat retailers.

At Papa Cantella’s, we welcome the comprehensive evaluation process outlined by most vendors during the selection process. We are proud that our USDA-approved facilities operate under the guidelines of HACCP and industry-accepted GRP; our sausages undergo dozens of levels of quality control including third-party testing. We are also a certified member of the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Could a better supply chain be the change your meat department needs? When safety, reliability, and premium quality are issues your business cares deeply about, we welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves as a preferred sausage vendor.

For information on how Papa Cantella’s sausage products could improve your supply chain process immediately, please contact us directly at (323) 584-7272.


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