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Why You Should Consider Partnering with a Local Sausage Vendor

Posted by Papa Cantella's on Oct 17, 2017 9:01:00 AM


Why should you choose a local sausage vendor as your partner in the meat procurement process? Plenty of reasons!

Here at Papa Cantella’s, we work with dozens of local butchers, grocery stores, and specialty food stores here in Southern California. We also have clients all around the country who receive the same level of industry-leading quality assurance as our regional partners.

If your business is located here in the greater Los Angeles area, here’s why we think you should strongly consider working with a local sausage vendor like Papa Cantella’s.

Fresher Premium Product

One of the standout benefits of working with a local provider is you know you’re getting the freshest sausage possible. At Papa Cantella’s our sausages are always shipped as quickly as possible after we make them to help preserve their best, brightest flavors. Check with your vendor to determine how often they batch-produce sausage and what their timeline is for production, shipping, and delivery.


Streamline the Supply Chain

For any sausage vendor, supply chain is the most complicated process. When you work with a local supplier they may be able to use their own trucks and delivery personnel to bring fresh sausage directly to your establishment! It doesn’t get much fresher than just-made sausage shuttled a few miles across town in a refrigerated truck. If your supply chain needs simplifying, look to a local vendor like Papa Cantella’s.


Face-to-Face Consulting

Few things compare to a face-to-face meeting! When you do business with a local supplier of any kind, it’s usually possible to meet in person when necessary. You may even be invited to tour their production facility! There’s a lot of value in putting faces to the names on the other end of your purchase order. At Papa Cantella’s, it’s as important for us to get to know our customers and their businesses as it is for them to know ours.


Invest in Your Community

When you do business with a local supplier you’re giving back to your community. By investing in a local business you’re improving the supply chain process, promoting infrastructure, and contributing sales tax directly to the benefit of the communities you live in. There’s just something special about staying local.


Papa Cantella’s takes great pride in being both a local and a national purveyor of premium sausage products. From specialty charcuteries in Santa Monica to grocery chains with locations in almost every state, our partners know they can expect quality, reliability, and value from our team.

Are you looking for a local sausage vendor in LA or beyond? Contact Papa Cantella’s today to find out how better suppliers can add value to your procurement process.

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